Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chilly Reception

Just wanted to point out an irony that greeted my first day as the parent doing morning bus stop drop off. To back up a step, my wife was off work for two months between jobs before our transition. This was planned in advance.

What was unexpected was that her last week at home with the kids full time, the first week of November, was unseasonably warm in Pittsburgh. It was sunny and 70 degrees every day. The afternoon bus stop pickup was often followed by a trip to the park to soak in the gorgeous weather.

My first morning at the bus top: 39 degrees, stiff wind, 25 degrees with the wind chill. The bus was a good 15 minutes late. Brrr. Welcome to my new life. It hadn't hit me until that morning that my wife got two hot to warmish months, and I take over just as winter sets in.

Tomorrow I have a meeting that might keep me from being at the bus stop on time in the afternoon. I called a friend to be my backup plan. He's another stay-at-home dad. The tribe is coming through for me.

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