Friday, February 6, 2009


I feel compelled to write a word of thanks to the germs that inhabited my toddler from November 1-December 31 (but only on the most inconvenient days) for staying away all of January. My first two-months as a part-timer were marked by constant scrambles for care on the days when Teddy couldn't go to child care because he was sick.

Maybe he got a stronger immune system for Christmas, but the child didn't miss a day in January. And the snow days and delays that peppered January didn't derail me too much either. Thanks especially to neighbor Mary for help with that one delay.

It's become clear that this part-time work, part-time SAHD arrangement can work as long as everyone goes where they're supposed to when they're supposed to. It's also clear that I can't depend on that; something will always come up. That said, I'm grateful for a disease-free January.

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