Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Floor-level Foosball

On a visit to the home of our friends Kenny and Liz, I saw a brilliant idea: their foosball table, sans legs, on the floor. Floor level foosball seems much easier and enjoyable for the six-and-under boys that we have and Kenny and Liz have. This morning, our two-year-old fell off the box he stands on to play foosball at our house. He was fine, but it was a little traumatic for the two of us.

Kenny and Liz have one thing at their house that we don't at our house: floor space. Their farm house has a lot more space than our 1920s humble city home. Our foosball table might be safer on the basement floor, but it would not be hospitable on the frigid concrete. Maybe your house has a spot for legless foosball. It's great for the short-legged crowd.

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