Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Better Half Day

Facebookers: please excuse the cross-post

Sunday was the day I've come to call my Better Half Day. It's a day of the heart that begins with some simple subtraction. Get ready for the math.

The first photo I have of myself. That's me on the left, I think.

From the day I was born until the day I met my wife (first day of classes freshman year of college), 6,549 days passed.

The first good photo I have of Paige and me. This is most likely January 1992, a few months after we met in August 1991.

From the day I met Paige until yesterday, 6,549 more days passed. That means that today is the first day I've been on this earth knowing my wife for more days than I have not known her. The better half of my life - with my better half - gets longer and longer from here on out. Happy thought.

Paige, me and our progeny last month.

Want to be as dorky as me?
-Open a spreadsheet
-In cell A1, type your birthdate
-In cell A3, type the date you met your spouse
-In cell A2, type =A3-A1
-In cell A4, type =A3+A2
The result in A4 is your Better Half Day