Saturday, November 7, 2009

Presumptuous Pediatrics

So, this is a little thing, but...

At my three-year-old's pediatrician appointment today, I answered the question "Does he have any trouble separating from mom?". Somewhat blindsided, I gave a simple "no". I didn't tell the efficient young woman running through a whole list of questions that although my son has little trouble separating from his mom, he does lean out of her arms to get me to hold him. He does turn away from her in the morning while he's snuggling in my arms. He does prefer that I tie his shoes and button his coat if given an option. She didn't ask about that; those questions weren't on the list.

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K said...

You'd think that this kind of thing would be withering away, but it's not. My son's kindergarten teacher send home notes addressed to "Mom" no matter what.