Friday, November 6, 2009

The second grader and the school secretary agree

My second-grader had a pediatrician appointment at 10:30 on Friday morning. Because his grandfather is a pediatrician, we drive across town to granddad's practice for appointments. After seeing the doctor and stopping by Granddad and Popo's house to borrow Granddad's station wagon (even small furniture doesn't fit in an Accord sedan), it was 1:05 by the time I got to the school office to sign Charlie in. By this time, he'd eaten fast food in the car on the way and had lobbied to not have to go to school for the afternoon. Because he'd already missed lunch period, he reasoned, what was the point?

At the office, it turned out, the secretary agreed with him. She looked at me as I was signing the late arrival sheet and said "You're dropping him off? Sir, we dismiss at 3:40." I guess that two and a half hours of education would be a total waste. There was no discernible trace of my progeny paying a bribe.

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