Friday, December 4, 2009

Overheard 2009 Runners Up Volume 1

Every year, we spice up our Christmas letter by copying what our friends Roger and Karen did in theirs: including quotes from our children throughout the year. We have a notebook for Charlie (7) and one for Teddy (3), and throughout the year, we write down memorable things that they've done and mostly funny or interesting things that they said. With Teddy's toddler speech, we try to capture the way he's pronouncing words at the moment. Translation is provided where necesssary.

Here are some of the runners-up. I'll post the ones that made the cut (the very best) later.

Teddy, Hearing on the radio that the Pirates were trailing the Astros 6-0:
Stint [stink!] Jatt Wisson [Jack Wilson] pop up. Nyjer Mordan [Morgan] pop up. Pause. I don’t yike da pop up!

Jeff: How’s your cookie?
T: Not vewy bad.

J: Teddy, come upstairs and put your books in your backpack.
Charlie: Dad, he’s never going to do it. You’re going to have to force him.

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