Friday, February 12, 2010

We need to talk

We need to talk, dear readers. Well, not talk exactly. Talking actually been happening, and it's wonderful, but there's another way you can communicate with me. I know from my google analytics that people read this blog. I also know that from the blog comments I've gotten from a handful of you. Finally, I've gotten emails and facebook messages and had conversations IRL (as the kids say; the kids say that, right?) about the blog.

Of all the ways to say you like my blog or respond to something I've written, the best is a blog comment. That keeps my post and your response together. It also shows other people that you're reading my blog. Blogspot allows you to comment without creating an account.

The next time something you read here sparks a thought, gives you a laugh, makes you incredibly angry or leaves you questioning my sources, just take that step: leave a comment.

Thanks a hundred.


Amy M said...

Ok, ok. I just left a comment.

JFo said...

Thank you for listening...and responding.

AzureSong said...

Me too.

AzureSong said...

BTW, comment moderation makes people less likely to post because you can't get conversations started with other posters as easily. I understand why you do it though.

Also, it's somewhat annoying to have to type in the word verification when you are already signed in. I don't have to do that in other blogs.

Just some suggestions to increase your comments. :)

JFo said...

That's good feedback, AzureSong/Tirzah. I've turned both off; if I get spam, I'll turn one or both back on.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
K said...

Well, it took more than 24 hours for the spam to arrive. Slower than I would have expected!