Friday, March 5, 2010

Car kid

When Teddy asked recently what the symbol on the steering wheel of our car was, I told him it was H for Honda, thinking it was a good way to teach him that letter. He doesn't know all of his letters. For a while, the one he knew dependably was T for Teddy. Occasionally, though, he surprises us by confidently naming another letter somewhere in his environment; P for Pirates came second.

Since that day with the steering whe
el, however, he's skipped letters and just concentrated on car logos. Now, he has a stable of them that he calls out accurately when he sees them on the cars on the street. A video demonstration of his skills:

I am still going to work on his letters, though.


Anne H. said...

Good job Teddy. Love it when you post videos, Jeff!

I think he probably can ID the cars themselves more quickly and easily. It's different seeing just the logos. Interesting, too, that he knows Audi but not so sure of Ford. That's a commentary on our times!

If Teddy is a car guy we know one place where those genes might have come from.

AzureSong said...

A budding trademark attorney!

Lauren Jackson said...

I think the Audi identification is probably a commentary on our family, rather than our times! Anything connected to Uncle Graham is MAGIC! Fun to see Teddy doing this.