Monday, March 8, 2010

New Childcare Tattoo Theory

I have just developed a theory to explain why childcare workers put tattoos and rubber stamps on the children (my 3-year-old's tend to be on his forearms, Popeye-style): to monitor the frequency of baths in the childrens' homes. Now, Paige's and my Parents of the Year nomination will not be based on timely bathing. A daily bath seems absurd for working people without live-in help. So, I imagine this conversation in the break room at my son's childcare center:

Teacher 1: Remember that tattoo I put on Teddy's arm last week?
Teacher B: The choo choo train? On Monday?
Teacher 1: Yeah. Guess what? It's still there!
Teacher B (appalled): Noooooooooo.
Teacher 1: They seem like such nice people, too.


AzureSong said...

Did you know that you can remove a stubborn tattoo with baby oil? My kids would have several more layers of skin had I found that out earlier.

JFo said...

That's a good tip. Fortunately, the one's Teddy comes home with do wash off easily in the bath...if and when.

Amy said...

That's funny. I was feeling a little self-conscious that Isaac went to daycare with the bandaids from his shots a few days ago...that, and when I forgot his milk they borrowed some from the church's pastor so he wouldn't have to (gasp) drink WATER. What they must think of me...