Friday, April 9, 2010

Guest Book Reivew: All Abount Sam

Charlie, my second-grader, reads like crazy. This week, he eschewed the comics at breakfast to read All About Sam by Lois Lowry. Then he proceeded to giggle and snicker all the way through breakfast. Since he's a boy who reads a fair number of Pokemon books and Bone books and other graphic novels, I really enjoyed seeing him get into this book. Lois Lowry is, of course, a genius. I still remember being spellbound and touched to the core by A Summer To Die when I was maybe going into eighth grade. More recently, we had a terrific time as a family reading The Willoughbys, a more recently-published irreverent romp that both children and adults can enjoy.

In the video below, I interview Charlie about the book. Watching it, i realize that I have a determined inertness on camera that will prevent me from being a balding white male Oprah (a longtime personal ambition). But the boy reviewer is the star of this show.

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