Thursday, May 13, 2010

Child's First Metaphor

Yet another day with a sick kid. We've had tons of evening events lately, and have signed over more than a typical amount of our income to babysitters. I decided to take Teddy to the office with me; he's grown to a more manageable age (3.75), and DVDs and some markers and some office toys kept him busy. I have the privilege of working on the 26th floor, and Teddy asked to look out the window. When I picked him up, he looked down at a plaza a half-block away and said "Wow! People are bugs."

P.S. When I told my friend Ginger that I knew Teddy was sick when he threw up in our priest's garbage can, she encouraged me to blog about that. I can't think of more to say about it, but what more does one need to say after vomit in a clergy garbage can?


Anne H. said...

Gotta have these boys both well! Clergy garbage can is better than clergy shoes. Well done Teddy.

~liz said...

now other parent/bloggers will come out of the woodwork sharing their kid-puke stories.
kenny was alone with all three boys in a restaurant when adam puked all over the table. i really hand it to parents who can handle the pukage. i can only handle infant puke.

JFo said...

I'm always overly optimistic about how quickly they'll get over these bugs, and I've learned to settle in for the siege. This time, blessedly, Teddy seems to have had the mythical "24-hour bug". He woke up perky, and I said "Teddy, you're not sick anymore." He replied, "That' because my sickness is gone." There you go.

Liz, Kenny's sounds like an all-time puke story. One that I'll never forget is embedded in this post:

Azure said...

All my best puke stories involve me puking at inopportune times (and places) during my pregnancies. I'll spare you the details. Let's just note that I worked during both pregnancies.