Thursday, May 27, 2010

I just need a little space

So, we're moving. Not far. We're buying a house across the street that has one more bedroom and one more bathroom. It's an intense time - selling our place, too - and there's lots to write about. Not only about this move but about the memories and emotions it raises because I moved around so regularly growing up. Even though it's not a new city and a new school like it always was then, there's just a lot that goes into leaving behind one home and entering another. Also, lots of stuff from observing the kids as they try to figure all of this out. More on that in a second.

The thing is, I have no time to write about all of this fascinating stuff. Maybe after our house gets listed and shown to some people. But then of course, we'll have to pack a little bit, even just to move across the street. Anyway, I'm going to be absent more than I want to until July 4th, at least.

My seven-year-old picked up on the fact that time will be tight and/or that a house upgrade produces short-term cash flow issues. On Friday, he said to me "Dad, after we get the new house, can we buy me some new sneakers? The one is down to the threads." I made time to buy him new sneakers on Monday evening.

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Lauren Jackson said...

I love the phrase "down to the threads."