Thursday, June 3, 2010

A social experiment

Here's an experiment for you to try (well, not actually):
Step 1. Be male.
2. Attend your 15-year college reunion
3. Reply to the obligatory "what are you doing now?" questions (as if they get asked anymore in the age of Twitter and Facebook status updates) with this: "I'm still consulting with nonprofits, but 18 months ago, I cut down to 20 hours a week to spend more time with the boys. I'm home two days a week with the three-year-old and do bus-stop duty with the second-grader. I grocery shop and do the laundry and stuff."
4. Watch as your friends smile and nod and say "wow, that's great" and "good for you".

Now, repeat the experiment, but this time, change step 1 slightly.
Step 1. Be female.

P.S. The photo shows what Paige and I look like now outside the classroom where we met nearly 19 years ago on the first day of classes freshman year.


Anne H. said...

Holy *hit, 19 years ago? Wow! Love this photo, can you send me the full-size file?

Fascinating social experiment. Step one is a stumbling block but you've made a powerful point. Eloquent, Jeff!

Azure said...

I pretty much ran that experiment (the female version). I still found myself skipping over the "reduced hours/non-partnership track" portion of the description. I stress about my job as much as a full time attorney, so I figure I can leave it out.

It was great to see you guys! I posted some cute pictures of our kids on Facebook.