Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What to Censor

Charlie's participating in a challenge at church this summer to read a designated list of 100 essential scripture passages. The list comes with a punch-out card that's good for a little scorekeeper like him. He's around 40 with a month left of summer.

So far, he's read all Old Testament passages. One might not notice until undertaking a project like this (I'm doing it alongside C) just how many OT stories feature people having sex. In C's bible it says so-and-so had "sexual relations" with so-and-so. A lot. David and Bathsheba, Ruth and Boaz, Abraham and Sarah.

Anyway, recently when I returned a Friday Night Lights DVD to the library, Teddy recognized that it was a DVD and asked what it was. When I said it was "Friday Night Lights, a television show that I watch on DVD", Charlie piped up and said "It's about...a football team and...sexual relations."

My children do not watch FNL. It's a great show, but I do wait until they're in bed to watch it because of the themes it sometimes covers. I protested that the show is about football and relationships. Maybe it's the Old Testament exposure I should really limit, though.


Graham said...

Nice redesign Jeff, I like the new masthead.

Paige said...

Me too, except when I opened it up, the masthead cut off (can't see the last letters of the words or your photos).

Bp. Duncan might be surprised about what his E100 Scripture Challenge has wrought.

Anne H. said...

I like your new look too. The boys have gotten older for sure. Kinda wish Paigey was in the shot though. Maybe I can take some possibles for you in the NEW HOUSE (woo-hoo!).

This entry is very interesting and I love the photo of Charlie with his punch card. Who would have thought — lotta sex in the Bible. On the other hand the lesson should stick with him that you probably shouldn't have a guy killed because you like the look of his wife taking a bath on her roof. Wait a minute, that's sex AND violence. My, my...

JFo said...

Thanks for the feedback on the new masthead. I've made an adjustment, and initial testing indicates all three Forster men are in the new image.

The photo was from our last round of images of what our current house looks like before we started packing up. It was meant to show the staircase; we were in it for human interest. But then, the boys looked really cute, and we were all on a horizontal plane that enabled the cropping to this image.

Not that you wanted to know all that. I just couldn't resist.

Azure said...

I like the picture too, although it does kind of look like you're a single dad. Maybe you can Photoshop Paige's head in on the right! :)