Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweet Celebration

When we were dating and it was clear that we would stay together, I regularly (neurotically) asked my now-wife if our children would be cute. She consistently reassured me that they would be. As it turned out, she was prescient; our kids are cute.

Now that we have kids (and they're not some vague, futuristic idea), I realize that I fixated on the wrong question. We're all wired to believe our own children are cute. This is very good news for the rare ugly baby that comes along. I should have asked a more important question: will our children be sweet? As it turns out, they're sweet, too.

Last week, we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary (the crystal, glass and watches anniversary according to Although kids often make cards for their parents' birthdays or father's day or mother's day because one par
ent prompts the children to pitch in to the celebration for the other parent, anniversaries are different. We didn't expect our kids to do anything to recognize our day, even though it was important to us. Still, I mentioned it to Charlie, our eight-year-old, in the car that day and then thought nothing more of it. Later, after we'd gotten home, Charlie disappeared into the basement to his art table and returned with this picture:

He'd taken the initiative to celebrate our special day without anyone having to prompt him. Charlie does this kind of sweet, affectionate thing all the time, and it makes me so happy. I can't capture in any medium the lovey eyes that Charlie makes when he does or says something sweet for someone he loves. That's the most precious part.

The design here reminds me of '70s ski jackets. It's bold yet simple. The whole objet reminds me of things his aunt Lauren created for people in the family when she was a little girl.

I'm glad our boys are cute, but I wouldn't trade the sweetness for that attribute.


Anne H. said...

Yes sweet is a good attribute, and loving. They are great boys!

Amy M said...

Yes, your boys are certainly sweet. I love the way Charlie never leaves Isaac out and always has a greeting and a hug for him! I'm glad he's the leader of their gang!

JFo said...

Yes, Amy. He is a gentle ganglord.

Kevin Jones said...

I can't stand it! You Forsters up the street are too perfect! ;-) just kidding...actually I love hearing these stories because I know for a fact our kids, when we have them, when we have them, won't be as sweet. I'm basing this on my history as a child.