Friday, January 21, 2011

HHHHHH: New Kitchen, New Measurements

After I'd come up with a cool new masthead for what I hope will be a recurring feature, I realized that I'd already posted the tip I planned to feature. Because of the cool new masthead and because I'm really busy today and because I moved to a new kitchen and had
to re-implement my own tip and took a new picture to prove it, I'm going to repost the same idea. Call the blog police.
My favorite cooking magazine, Cook's Illustrated, has a few recipes in which they have you make a sling in order to get something (no kneed bread, brownies) out of the pan more easily. There are specific measurements for these slings, and I like to follow them precisely because Cook's is nothing if not precise. Instead of busting out the ruler every time, though, I measure places in my kitchen that have the dimensions needed and then footnote those places in the recipe.

I've sent this tip to Cook's for their reader tips section, but, alas, they haven't published it. So I'll just publish it here once every ten months or so.

Also, for the record, I don't really consider myself a househusband because I do work part time, but the 7-H alliteration was too tempting. Art takes sacrifice.

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