Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Superhero Interview

I can't believe I only have just over six months until this guy goes off to kindergarten. It's the little moments like an interview with Supervision Man (video below) that come out of nowhere to really make working part time worth it. Things just pop out of his little brain and mouth that entertain me at the most unexpected moments.

He doesn't mention the double-barrel mucus running down his mustache area, but I think that could keep villains at bay. I love when he attempts to demonstrate his cape flying and his rundown of where the "bagguys" are and the way he places himself in a super family. Too many super heroes are lone wolves, in my opinion. Also, in recent weeks, he's been saying that his super power is "laser breath". It's especially potent in the morning.

Special thanks to second cousin Matt and Shwetha who gave Teddy the Superhero starter kit, a great gift for a little boy.


Paige said...

OK, it DOES load. It just takes a really long time. Maybe my connection is slow today.

Jacksons said...

What a great superhero. Miss those times.

Amy said...

That is priceless. I love boys (and feel extra safe having some superheroes of my own protecting us)!

Lauren Jackson said...

Preciousness embodied in that little blonde kid. Thanks for sharing with us!