Monday, March 14, 2011

Chart: Holiday Outfit

Days I wish I had a cool green shirt


Anne H. said...

I think this graph is factually out of proportion. Come on fella. Is that sliver really 1/365?
PS I can dye one of your tee shirts green and write "Better than Irish" on it with a marker if you like.

JFo said...

Really? Brilliant social commentary like this, and you're getting out your micrometer to quibble with the proportions?

My coworker has all of the good ones. Her best: "Irish you'd buy me a beer.

Lauren Jackson said...

Are you longing for a really cool pink shirt on Valentine's Day? And something really brilliantly red white and blue on Independence Day? And a tie with a turkey on it for November and Santa on it for December? Even better, a tie with a little button that plays Jingle Bells? (Or is it just teachers who go this far?)