Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last Touring Day in Cambodia

We had to tour our last day in Cambodia without Paige, who holed up in the hotel room completely sick. We never determined the identity of the mystery illness, but it sure laid her out.
Our first destination was a floating village on Ton Le Sap Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. People live in the floating village because they're poor Vietnamese people in Cambodia; they can live in whatever structures they can create on the lake without paying for land. They actually live in houses and get around by boat, as opposed to all of the structures truly "floating".
Houses and boats were all painted in vivid colors.
Ton Le Sap shipyard, I suppose. Throughout Ton Le Sap, those pikes held up structures and served as anchors for big floating markets.

The pictu
res help, but this video sums up the scene at the lake and on our way back at a "hammock bar" best. A few photos below the video, so don't skip those.

Hammock bar, 11:15 am.
Corona, eat your heart out.
Dusk at the last temple on the last day.
The van ride back south toward Phom Penh and eventually "home" to Saigon. Colin enjoying his new birthday iPod (he turned 7 in Cambod
ia); Charlie reading Harry Potter and the Itchy Red Sore (or whatever), Teddy probably playing on Colin's Nintendo DS. I don't have any photos or video of the bus ride from PP to Saigon because we're all doing our best to forget it. The bus was horrendous compared to the bus we rode up - broken arm rests, seats too close together - but the worst thing with the "entertainment". Back to back violent, outdated American movies dubbed in one voice into Vietnamese. The first feature was Rambo: First Blood, dubbed in a female Vietnamese voice. Quality declined from there. The good news: we passed safely through the border crossing and arrived very late at night back in Saigon.

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