Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Phnom Penh

I kind of skipped over our day in Phnom Penh on our way up to the temples at Angkor. Here's a quick photo tour of what was a very quick tour of PP.
Phonm Penh, unlike taxitastic Saigon, features tuk tuks as a way to get around. The PP version tended to be a moped with a carriage affair behind it. Looks like Ted prefers a taxi.
Our tour guide, Gibby, took us to the Royal Palace. Cambodia still has a king. Single ladies, he's single! His pad is pretty groovy.
Main gate of the temple. I've posted these small to save space, but some of them look really dope when you click on them to make them bigger.
The main building and grounds in the temple complex, which includes a building with a silver floor. Yes, the entire floor is covered in silver tiles that clink when you walk on them. Walking paths for the public are covered with a thin carpet, but you can see the tarnished tiles around the edges.
The moon pavilion where the king addresses the people during the water festival and other holidays. Purportedly, a deadly curse terminates the life of any non-king types who dare to enter. Five workmen died mysteriously just a few years ago while completing repairs.
Beautiful details in a Thai architecture style adorned the buildings.
There's some dead Cambodian kingage in the white obelisk on the left. The sprinklers provided some nice relief for flora (and fauna) in the searing afternoon heat.
A pavilion covering a statue of Napoleon on a white horse. Yes, that Napoleon. No, I don't really know why.
A model of Angkor Wat, which Gibby introduced by saying "Do you want to wait until you go north tomorrow, or do you want me to show you Angkor Wat today? Do you want me to show it to you today? Do you?" Then, we rounded the corner and saw this. Very funny, Gibby.
A Khmer restaurant that Gibby recommended. Lovely atmosphere and decent food.
Khmer omelet. Mmm, mmm good.
Uncle Mike breakfasting at our hotel, the Kabiki. The Kabiki offered us a haven of serenity in bustling Phnom Penh. Lovely, large guest rooms, inviting public spaces, good breakfast.
Detail of Uncle Mike making a point.
Also at the Kabiki, foosball.
The amazing pool at the Kabiki with lounge chairs, cabana thingies and a baby pool back in the corner. So nice!


ginger said...

fun reading, jeff!

Lauren Jackson said...

Wow! You captured it so well. All that in just half a day and a breakfast. (You skipped our trip to KFC.)

Anne H. said...

Thank you, thank you for posting all these photos and the explanation to go with. For someone who came to the digital photography party late you're doing a great job and your MIL appreciates it. Don't stop!

Azure said...

Great post!

Teddy looks unhappy with his new Dad. (Just kidding!!) :D