Friday, March 4, 2011

Video Blog: Getting from Saigon to Angkor

I acquired a Kodak Zi8 pocket video camera before the trip, and I've sown together some bits of video from our long trip from Saigon up to the temples at Angkor into about a 5-minute video.

Charlie gave a successful presentation to his classmates this week about our trip with about 40 photos in a slide show. He gave out lucky money - 100 to 1000 dong (half a cent to 5 cents) - to each classmate. Lucky money is a Vietnamese new year (Tet) tradition, complete with garish red envelopes.


Graham said...

Cool video, I think the cool mint smoothie looked delicious! Too bad I wasn't there to give Charlie a hand with it. Fun to see the monkeys also, great background for the monkey pictures.

Anne H. said...

I loved seeing this video. It gave me a bit of a sense of being there that you can never get from photos alone. Thanks Jeff!
PS I bet the mint smoothie was weird and even U Graham wouldn't have enjoyed it.
PPS Don't you love having a whole mini-bus, and guide on board too, just for your party? It's the best.