Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tell-a-Friend at Easter

If you're traveling this weekend and seeing friends and family you don't normally see, maybe you'd like to help yourself and a friend win some crackers. It might go like this:

"Pass the ham. Have I told you about this blog I read?"


"Mother, I don't want to talk about it right now. But I do want to talk about this blog I read."

Contest rules:
-You tell someone about the blog. Someone posts a comment, saying they heard about CP from you. You and someone win homemade crackers.
-All of this telling and commenting has to happen by May 15.
-Crackers will be sent within the continental US. (Don't know if I said that the first time around, but come on.)

Do it.


Laura said...

This is Laura, Graham told me about Competent Parent, I'm looking forward to reading!!

JFo said...


You're the first contestant in the Tell-a-Friend contest, which makes your chances very good. My friend posted it on his facebook wall today, so I expect a deluge, or, you know, one or two more people.


Karl A. Thomas said...

Jeff: While I have glanced at your blog from time to time, it was Dan Harding whose referral encouraged me to take a look again (ok, and the promise of crackers in my mailbox.) I am working on not feeling a.) Jealous you get to be home as primary care giver, and b.) not inadequate for not being as creative and witty as you. Keep up the good work, Mr. Dad.

Anonymous said...


Hi! My good cousin Jason told me about the blog and an opportunity to win some awesome crackers. And I just couldn't pass up two good opportunities. I am excited about the blog because you are exactly right. Dads are parents too! And they are very important ones. Hooray for all the Dads that live up to their potential as competent parents!


JFo said...

To good cousins, and competent parents!