Friday, May 13, 2011

A Window into the Child Care Day

We're supposed to be able to track important milestones in the Parent Report we get twice a year from Teddy's childcare center, but fortunately, the teacher who wrote his most recent one also has a great sense for the absurd things 4- & 5-year-olds say. The anecdotes section had lots of highlights.

A few excerpts:

Holden: Let me look in her eye
Teddy: Holden, maybe something is in her belly.
Holden: Let me check her eye.
Teddy: I already did. There's nothing there.
Holden. Okay.
Teddy: Now I need her blood pressure. Okay her legs. Okay. I'm gonna cut her hair.
Holden: You do that too?
Teddy: Yeah. I'm a hair cutter, dentist, doctor.

Teddy: Everybody got Tom & Jerry tissue packs from the Easter Bunny. My cousins, and my brother, and me, cause the Easter Bunny's dumb.

Teddy: Vietnam was really far. It took nine or ten minutes.

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Lauren Jackson said...

Fun! Teddy's brimming with personality. Maybe the teachers got the idea from your Christmas card.