Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

A small town once hired a famous landscape architect to plan a park for them. He agreed as long as he had complete control and as long as the plans could be kept sealed until his death. He set out planning the park and worked with a large crew to create it. The park was quite lovely, and the townspeople really enjoyed it. In the center of it, though, stood a small tree of a variety no one had ever seen. The famous landscape architect had come in at night with one crew member and planted it. Over the years, the tree grew, and it got quite ugly. It's foliage grew out in a lumpy, uneven pattern. Landscapers who did such a nice job tending every other plant in the park could never quite reign in this one tree. The townspeople were very curious as to what kind of tree it was, but the landscape architect would not reply to their letters of inquiry except once to say "you will find out upon my death". They tolerated the tree and the mystery for a few more years until news of the landscape architect's death appeared in the newspaper. They hurried to the town historical society and unsealed the park plans. Spreading a large map out on a table, they located the center of the park and saw this notation where the tree now stood: Nappy Yew Here!

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