Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HHHHHH: Getting Candle Wax Off of Stuff

I had attributed the origin for this tip to my mother-in-law, from whom I've learned so many useful household things.  Turns out it comes from another domestic goddess: Martha Stewart.
At the holidays when we burn candles more and may be more inattentive to them while we engage with visitors and guests, candle wax tends to run and adhere to candlesticks and other items.  Sometimes you can pick it off, but it's often difficult to get it all gone.  What to do?

Put the wax-covered item in the freezer.  The freezing temps cause the wax to contract, and then it flicks off pretty easily.  I've even used this technique on tablecloths with some success.  It's like magic, but it's domestic science.


Azure said...

We needed a tip on how to get gum out of a tutu - a tutu that has been through the washer and dryer. Our solution? Cut the tutu.

I learned how to get metallic green nail polish out of a rug this Christmas. (The girls decided to sport green and red nails.) Pour a 1/4 cup of acetone on it and scrub like crazy.

Anne H. said...

What a useful thing to know. I bet it gets wax out of votives when you want to start fresh. Thanks for the tip.

BTW your mother-in-law sounds like a knowledgable woman.