Saturday, March 31, 2012

Backyard Spring Training

I needed to know whether a pair of cleats that Charlie used to wear would fit Teddy for the impending start of his organized baseball career.  He starts coach pitch baseball in a few weeks.  We've largely enjoyed the luxury of hand-me-downs from our older August-birthday-boy fitting our younger August-birthday-boy.  Teddy's feet, though seem a little bigger than Charlie's at the same age.  In fact, he falls right between two pairs of Charlie's cleats.  Anyway, I had him try on the larger ones to see if they would fit.  The boys went out with gloves and a tennis ball and did some impromptu fielding drills.  The video summarizes the action and contains a special soundtrack.


Jacksons said...

Very cute. Go Mariners!

Anne H. said...

Delightful! Good job putting that together Jeff, and nice photos.