Friday, March 23, 2012

The Comics

My boys read the comics at breakfast every morning.  I read them before going to sleep at night.  I'm happy that my boys interact with a physical newspaper for now.  They'll be able to tell my great grandchildren about the medium.

I should have suspected that our favorite comics differ from each other, but until I asked Charlie his top 5, I had no idea.  We have no overlaps at all.  I know that young children like Garfield, and I'm glad that current young children still connect with the characters Charles Schultz created for so long.  But Drabble?  Seriously?

Charlie's Top 5 (in no particular order)

Beetle Bailey

Big Nate


Classic Peanuts

My Top 5 (again, no particular order)
Non Sequitur



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~liz said...

i'm still laughing over that Tundra one - ha ha ha!!! i grew up with parents drinking coffee while reading the paper every morning. in fact, they still do. kenny and i are a paperless house. there are days i'd love to read the physical paper over a cup of joe and a plate of hotcakes...