Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thoughtful neighbors plus creative boys plus awesome babysitter =

Starship Filebox
Christmas Plane
\When some neighbors/church friends bought a big file cabinet, they found themselves with a box they thought had lots of potential.  They called us and delivered it to our house!  We talked to the boys and their marvy babysitter for the evening about what the box could become, and they saw raw material for a space ship.

We came home to find this winged vehicle that they'd created with packing tape, duct tape, markers, a utility knife (babysitter only!) and a heavy plastic bag that came in the box.  Some of the windows are actually covered with plastic.  There's a top hatch that this picture doesn't show very well.  The back end of the ship has little rocket boosters cut in it.  It has magic marker buttons for slow drive, fast drive and hyper speed.  Such a cool way to spend their time! 

Our boys had been primed to turn the blank canvas of a box into something fun by their creative and capable uncle Steven.  He (amazingly quickly) converted a box we'd used to transport Christmas presents to the grandparents' house into this little plane.  The boys have continued to play with it for the past two months, occasionally adding more markings, decorations or cardboard bits.  The wrapping paper roll on the back is the latest addition.


Lauren Jackson said...

Fantastic! Wish our boys could work on these together.

Anne H. said...

Such a gift to your boys, no TV except during certain sports playoffs. They've developed their creativity, ability to cooperate, ability to amuse themselves, attention span... They probably have better brain development.