Monday, April 2, 2012

Chart: 2012 Pirates Win Predictions

Readers have been asking (OK, one reader asked) when the family's win predictions for the Pirates would come out.  We're an optimistic bunch in 2012, all predicting more wins than the Pirates got last year.

How, you ask, did the family's predictions from 2011 work out?  Well, see below.  After 57 wins in 2010, Teddy predicted a stark dropoff to 20 wins.  This may have had more to do with his grasp of numbers at age four than any actual feeling about the Pirates season.  Mommy and Daddy predicted modest improvements.  Charlie predicted a pretty big leap.  As it turns out, as long as we're not using Price is Right guessing rules, Charlie was closest to the Pirates actual win total of 72.

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Andy Parker said...

The family is hopeful this year. The kids, more so.

I will be shocked if we don't push past .500 this year. Shocked, I tell you!