Friday, June 1, 2012

Baseball! Yay! Boo!

Sitting down to complain about how little league ruins our family life, I remembered and looked up this post.  I've covered that ground in this space before.  Little leauge, is, however, my excuse for scarce posting lately.  We added Teddy and his five hours of little league to Charlie's six.  If you recall or reread last year's post, life got ragged for us with one boy playing.  Two boys playing wreaked havoc.  Very few family dinners, no sleeping in ever (thanks to a new 9:00 church service on Sundays) and a lot of time logged at the fields.  Hence, no time for this little pursuit.

Yes, I'm grateful that my kids are healthy and like baseball(TM).

One news update: Oxi-clean is out for cleaning baseball pants.  Shout is in.  Paige heard about it from another baseball parent and taught me her technique.  Wet an area of the pants (we like to start at the waistband on one leg on the front or back and work our way around the garment panel by panel), spray Shout on a stain, scrub the pants against themselves vigorously on the stain.  Repeat with each spot on the pants - dirt, grass stains, blood, juice box.  Then throw some Oxi-clean in the washer and run them through, either by themselves or with another cold gentle load.  They come out good as new every time.  It's a little bit of work, but the success feels sweet. 

Oh yeah: the 14th Ward Rangers are in the World Series again this year.  Yay!  Two more weeks of baseball!  Boo!

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Anne H. said...

I was wondering why there were no new posts. I'm glad there's something new to read since I enjoy following your blog. Good for Charlie that he's not bothered by the palate expander or the braces. And hooray for the Rangers!