Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Chart: 5-year-old's food pyramid

When I look at my blog stats (and I do), I'm a little surprised to see that my chart about my four-year-old's food pyramid has consistently garnered top rankings in views.  People tend to find it via search engines.  I can only assume that they are seeking legitimate nutritional information, not my personal comment on raising a fickle eater.

It seems like it's time to update that chart because a) he's five now and b) his tastes have changed slightly.  The boy has eaten a cream cheese and jelly sandwich for lunch easily 150 out of 180 school days this year.  Then, he asks for it on weekends, too.  It makes my lunch prep easy, but I do worry about overdose.

While he still likes pretzels, they're not nearly the obsession they were in his fourth year of life.

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Amy M said...

Just catching up on your blog after a long absence!
This could be Isaac's pyramid, minus the veggies and bananas. Strangely, he's the biggest of all our kids for his age.