Thursday, July 12, 2012

Apparently not Mysterious Enough

OK, so my mystery post lacked the potency of a real mystery.  After less than twelve hours, two smart guys had solved it in the comments.  These diagrams do indeed represent the timeline of our family's dining room table.
Pre-kids, quiet, candlelit gourmet dinners, string music tinkling in the background (or something like that; it's hard to remember).  This diagram represents tables in three apartments and for a while in our first house.
With our first boy at the head of the table in his high chair.
The boy drops his tray and pulls up to the table between mommy and daddy.

Only when boy number 2 comes along does boy number 1 move to the side of the table.  Soon after, he begins being able to operate a knife, which makes this configuration much more viable.  Gosh, these dinners stank.  Some small human constantly needed attention or help with the process of getting food into his mouth.  This stage also included lots of hopping up to get a food, vessel or implement that didn't make it to the table during table-setting.  Rare restaurant meals without children are savored like never before or after.
Goodbye high chair; hello youth chair; hello fork.  Mommy and Daddy still need to cut your food up and stuff.
Just weeks ago, the younger heir started wielding his own knife.  We considered it high time (after nearly 10 years) that we rejiggered our table into a configuration that does not include a boy at the head.

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