Monday, December 10, 2012

Found: terrific parent poem

This was published in One of America's Great Newspapers on Saturday.  I thought it was just terrific.


by Mary Soon Lee

If I could only say
ten words today,
I wouldn't tell you
to eat your broccoli,
or inquire why there's purple ink
all over your feet.

Instead, I would lift you up
and lay my cheek
against your tangled hair
and say:
I love you;
I will always love you.
Always. Always.

But today I have
such a multitude of words to offer --
such an unrestricted store of
commands, questions, answers, anecdotes,
exclamations, explanations, exasperation,
advice, admonishments, adulation --
that I might quite easily forget
the ten words
I want to say.

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Lauren Jackson said...

Thanks for this wonderful poem.