Sunday, December 16, 2012

Overheard 2012: Runners Up

Not every cute/funny/perceptive thing the boys say in a year gets captured in our Christmas Card insert "Overheard" sheet.  Some choice morsels that didn't make the cut for 2012:

While C cracked his knuckles:
Jeff: Is Charlie allowed to crack his knuckles?
Paige: I don’t like it.
Charlie: It doesn’t give you laryngitis in your fingers!

J: Today’s a day when I wish I had my beard.
Teddy: Why?
J: Because it keeps my face warm.
T: I don’t have anything to keep me warm.  I’m just a kid.

C: Is it possible to play paper football professionally?

Charlie learned he was born in the year of the horse, which should make him rich & famous:
Teacher: You know what that means – the girls like you.
C: That hasn’t been working out so well for me, so far.

Lecturing T not to joke about people dying:
J: It would be a very bad thing for our family if Mommy died.
C: Yes, because then Daddy wouldn’t be able to support us.


Azure said...

I love these!

Anne H. said...

More, more. I love these!