Friday, April 26, 2013

Little League Dreams - in Parallel

LIttle League Dreams - in Parallel
an original poem

OK.  This is it.                                              OK. This is it.
Last inning.  We're down one.                        It's 4:45.  We're so busy.
Two outs.  Two men on.                                Game scheduled tonight.

Their best pitcher.                                        No other open nights this week.
It feels like everything hangs in the balance.  It feels like everything hangs in the balance.
Bend the knees.  Line up the knuckles.          Check my texts.  See if there's an email.
Back elbow up.  Can't drop the hands.            Send this work email. Don't think about it.
I've never faced this pitcher before.              He hasn't played in this age group before.
Don't know what he's got.                              Don't know who makes the decisions.
First pitch.  Ball. Pitcher's nervous, too.         Check my texts.  Nothing.
Whoosh!  Here goes nothing.                         BUZZ.  Wait.  What's this?
Oh baby.  I nailed it.                                     I dare not hope.
It could be.  It might be.                               It could be.  It might be.
HOME RUN!                                                  RAIN OUT!

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JFo said...

This poem is now published on paper in Rune, the literary journal at the university where I work.