Sunday, December 22, 2013

Overheard 2013 Runners Up

As the boys get older the unintentional comedy gets sparser.  This year, Teddy made far
Nice faces, boys.
more oops funnies than Charlie did through the year.  In the interest of giving the boys equal time in the Christmas letter, the cutting room floor all belongs to Ted:

Holding his trembling hand toward something he wanted:
T: I’m using The Force.
P: How’s that working out for you?
T: Not great.

With an ice cube cooling his hot chocolate:
T: My ice cube weared out fast.

Dictating an email message to family members about losing his first tooth:
T: I lost my first tooth! Ya…a…y!  In ‘yay’, put 10 A’s.”

To go down memory lane follow the tag link for Christmas Letter to see how many cute things both boys said in past years.


Azure said...

Love it!

Lauren Jackson said...

Read all the posts to both boys. We all enjoyed them.