Monday, February 10, 2014

Recipe: Homemade Cheezits (TM)

One of my favorite 40th birthday gifts was a cookbook of crackers and dips.  Those who know me or have been reading since the Tell-a-Friend cracker contest will know that I like to bake crackers and make dips.  My good lady wife knows me so well that she bought me Ivy Manning's Crackers & Dips.  So far, I've made spelt pretzel rounds (meh) and paper-thin semolina cracker sheets (yummy crowd pleaser) and, um, homemade Cheezits.  Also, I bought a dual-head pastry wheel with a straight wheel and a crimped one.

When I posted a photo of the homemade Cheezit recipe on facebook (ugh, I make my own self sick typing that sentence), a friend responded "recipe or it didn't happen".  So here it is.  They're pretty habit-forming, so those with addictive personalities, take note.

Some notes: I got the anatto paste (aka achiote paste) at my favorite Mexican grocery.  I also actually went to my local crunchy food coop and bought nonhydrogenated vegetable shortening.  Don't know if that made a difference.  The thinner I rolled these, the better. 

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Lauren Jackson said...

These look fantastic! You'll have to bring them to the beach!