Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bullet Points Post March '14

I have some bits and bobs that I didn't think could stand individually as a post, but together, maybe they're something.

1.  In trying to describe to Paige Teddy's behavior in the 4:30-5:00 blood sugar witching half hour, I accidentally coined the word "appetude", which is a mashup of appetite and attitude.  Teddy is one of those kids who can behave horrendously when he's hungry.  What's amazifrustrating (not a typo) is that it takes an astonishingly small number of bites of food for him to make a Jekyll-to-Hyde transformation.  In fact, the next time he's sporting a bad appetude, I'm going to try to take a video so you can see how quickly he can recover.

2.  Late winter sun blinding you from reading the comics, son?  Don't worry about it.  Dad will build a sunshade for you out of sugary cereals.  That'll help.

 3.  This article about a new parenting study has quickly made the rounds among intelligent, well-read, discerning parents I know.  It's worth the read.  Tip of the blog to Seoul Foreign School's best English teacher.

4. Finally, who doesn't love a second-grader's polite note about something he wants packed in his lunch?  Pittsburgh Popcorn is pretty amazing.  I'd want their chocolate covered pretzel popcorn packed in my lunch, too.

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Lauren Jackson said...

I love the note. Colin is doing this right now, too, and we're eating it up. Also, like the ingenuity of the temporary sun-blocker, and the fact that you got some sun.