Monday, May 5, 2014

Casserole Week: Sausage, Polenta and Tomato Layers

It's like Shark Week, but more badass.

This is the wrong time of year to run Casserole Week on my blog, but a) I lacked the discipline to do it in the early winter when I should have b) I'm afraid if I don't run it now, I may never and c) This late cold, wet part of the spring lasts way longer than we think, and that's doubly true this year.

So, this week must be Casserole Week.  The idea for this came when I posted a facebook status in November 2013 about the beginning of Casserole Season.  A friend asked if I would post some of my favorite recipes.  

If the Cooking Authorities passed a law that we could keep only one casserole recipe, Sausage, Polenta and Tomato Layers would be our family's choice. It's our go-to meal for those who have just had a baby.  One of my favorite quotes about it was around-seven-year-old Charlie saying to his around-eight-year-old cousin at a Christmas week meal, "It looks really terrible, but it tastes good."  I think it's beautiful and delicious.  The recipe comes from the New Basics by Julee Rosko and Sheila Lukins, possibly better known for the Silver Palate.

Please leave feedback if embedded Google Doc PDFs are the best way to share these recipes with you.  They're not the best for viewing on screen, but it's way easier for me to scan them than retype them, and they're good for printing and putting in your recipe file.

Masthead image from Flickr - user: JillPyrex, photo: small pyrex casserole.  Used under Creative Commons license


~liz said...

yes! i love casseroles that are edgy. this one fits the bill! i do believe we had something simlar at the very first Lenten series dinners (way back in the day) and i loved it. were you the offerers of this recipe for that? can't wait to see what casseroles follow.

JFo said...

I believe we did give the church that recipe. I alo believe that was the best community dinner we ever had.

~liz said...

i think you're right! thanks for the recipe. am adding it to our recipe list. (PS. have you tried any of the recipes from moosewood or mollie katzen? Scheherazade or Enchanted Broccoli Forest casseroles come to mind...)

JFo said...

I have not tried any Mollie Katzen casseroles. The very concept sounds dangerously healthy.

Lauren Jackson said...

This is the dish I made for Annie Merrill one time (after you and Paige introduced me to it) and it ended up in the Three Rivers Cookbook. Nancy wanted to put my name on it, but I didn't think that was appropriate as it came directly from The Silver Palate, so Annie's name is on the recipe. (-:

JFo said...

Lauren, I had no idea that recipe made it into another cookbook. Which edition, do you know?