Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From HuffPo: 10 Common Mistakes Parents Today Make

A friend posted this on facebook, and I gave it a quick read.  It's a useful list that lends perspective to parenting in the current era.  It feels a little Fox Newsy to me, though.  By that, I mean that parents who make these mistakes are so blind to them that this article won't change their approach.  Parents who don't make these mistakes (or recognize them when they slip into them on rare occasions) will sit back smugly and think about all of the bad parenting they observe...done by other parents.  Of course, this blog is only frequented by savvy people, so if you read the list, get ready to get your smug on.

One note the author doesn't really hit upon: kids whose parents make these mistakes are miserable children.  They know they're not supposed to be in charge, and the weight of being in charge weighs on their smooth, little shoulders. 

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