Monday, December 8, 2014

Kitchen Item Review: Scrub Daddy

We've acquired several new kitchen tools large and small in the last year.  I thought I'd take a week and post some reviews.
My co-worker's guilty pleasure is Shark Tank.  For some reason, she just loves that particular story told in reality TV format.  She came in raving one day about the Scrub Daddy. It's a spongy scrubber that holds a rigid consistency when you use it with cold water and softens considerably with warm water.  It's really pretty effective for scrubbing pots and pans that don't have ridiculous things caked on.  Plus, it's shaped like a smiley face.  Its creator touts the mouth part as a convenient way to scrub spoons.  I've used it for that, but then, I wasn't lying awake at night, puzzling over food caked on my spoons.  The video at the link above instructs you to stick your fingers in the sponge's eyes because that grip will make it easier to reach the bottom and sides of dirty vessels.

One use I discovered on my own: this little thing cleans out from under dirty fingernails like a champ. We've had surgical sponges in the past that work OK but tend to fall apart over time.  A four-pack of Scrub Daddies might last us years. For now, there's one by our kitchen sink and one in the shower the boys use.

They're really useful.  Sometimes As Seen On TV crap actually lives up to the hype. 

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