Sunday, December 14, 2014

Overheard Outtakes 2014

Those who get our Christmas letter will know that we include funny quotes from the boys
also rejected for the family Christmas card
during the year.  We capture more than we can use.  We used to have a lot we couldn't use; this year, three quotes made the draft stage but failed to make the final cut.  I present them here for your amusement:

C: The [Star Wars animated] Rebels episodes are only 3 minutes long because they haven’t aired yet, according to the red-headed kid at Toys ‘R Us.

After a Little League game:
J: Who won?
T: We did.  We’re undefeatable.

To Teddy during a dispute while playing:
C: When you grow up, if you throw something at someone, you could go to jail.  If you throw scissors at someone, you’ll get a three-day suspension.”

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