Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chart: 2015 Pirates Win Predictions

Although this post is going up after the Pirates first game (a loss), we did make our predictions before the first pitch of opening day.  In a split decision, the kids think the Pirates will improve this year, while the parents fear a regression.
 I have never won this competition.
In any event, we're all gung ho know.


Anonymous said...

Fangraphs is even more pessmistic predicting 85 wins, and Baseball Prospectus has them winning 81 games.

The consensus on paper seems to be that they will be a fun team to watch, but not as good as the best teams (Dodgers, Nats, and Cards). The end result may come down to which two expected runner-ups are luckiest (Cubs, Padres, Pirates).

Anne H. said...

Here's to Charlie's prediction. Come on Pirate,

Anne H. said...

I mean - Come on Pirates!