Friday, December 11, 2009

Overheard 2009 Runners Up Volume 2

More quotes from the boys that didn't make our Christmas letter.

Telling Paige that it was Grandpa's birthday:
T: Do you know who is bewfday? It's Dampa's one.

T: Yoot it! (look it) pointing to the rock 'n roll guitar on his shirt
C: Yeah, Ted. You're a rock star.
(in his sweet, affectionate voice) Rock stars always need a hug. Especially when they're little.

C: Dad, I'm going to get you that dollar that I owe you.
5 minutes pass
C: I've got two.
J: You only owe me one.
C: I want a dollar back for change.

J: Where' the ice pack?
T: In the titchen.
J: You put it on the counter?
T: Yeah. I put it on the left right side.

Holding out his finger with a booger on it:
T: I dot some nose on me.

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Anne H. said...

Love, love, love these — can never get enough! Poignant too because, like photos, the minute you capture these they're flowing away on the stream of time.