Friday, December 11, 2009

Overheard 2009 Runners Up Volume 3

A final list of quotes from the boys that did not make our Christmas letter.

When I'm not worried that Teddy needs speech therapy, I enjoy how cutely he talks. At this age, he has a whole list of things that he says in his very own way. We never publish these substitutions in the Christmas letter, but we do enjoy them:

hundawee = hungry
tan you = thank you
fanks = thank you
smawsmallows = marshmallows

dot-dit dootie = chocolate cookie
yittew eeda = Little League

C: Dad, I don't think as much food and drinks are getting to my left muscle as my right muscle. The veins don't pop out as much on that side.

J: Oh my, that's a nasty cough. Where did that come from?

T: From my mouf.

On hockey

T: Do dey have a bastet foi deir putts (pucks)?
J: Yes, it's called a net.

T: Do dey have sumpin' dat lives on deir feet for statin'?
J: Yes, skates.
T: Yeah, state shoes.

Lobbying to pack his swimsuit for an overnight at his grandparents' house:
C: I don't think some end of summer water play would be out of order.

Pointing to a photo of Mt. Rushmore in a magazine:

C: George Washington!

P: Who was George Washington?

C: Our first white president. pause Or...our first president.


Jacksons said...

OK, these are awesome! You should make your list longer in the Christmas letter. Colin's quoting, "I dot some nose on me" right now.

Jacksons said...

The summer water play quote is my favorite. LJ