Wednesday, April 30, 2014

HHHHHH: Baseball Broadcast Commercial Filtering

I feel like I'm really pushing the fourth and fifth H's in HHHHHHH a lot lately, but the blog police haven't shut me down yet.  This post's topic: listening to baseball games on the radio.  Did you know that every commercial break on a baseball broadcast is 2 minutes long?  If your local broadcasts are like ours and you listen to as much baseball as we do during the season, a nine-inning game can have 17-plus inning breaks (depending on who's winning in the ninth).  That means hearing the same commercials over and over again.  

In our house, we set a timer to 2 minutes and turn off the radio when the half-inning ends. It helps that our main kitchen timer can time four different things at once.  So we can leave one of those four on 2 minutes and use it when the Pirates broadcast goes into yet another Bradenton tourism commercial.  When on a roadtrip, I note the odometer at the beginning of the commercial break.  When I've gone 2 miles (give or take), i turn the radio back on.

Let's go Bucs!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sigh. Really, HuffPo?

Stuff like this disgusts me. Lots of people shared it from Huffington Post.  It seems to come from something called the Hi! Cardstore. 

Regardless, moms are the only kind of parents, right?  Are we supposed to say "Aw, I miss and appreciate my mom."?  Rather than saying "Wow, I just watched a video whose bedrock position was completely sexist."?  My reaction fell on the latter side.