Friday, December 10, 2010

Overheard 2010 Runners Up Volume 1

We've made a semi-famous habit of including funny quotes from our kids in our Christmas letter. This year, we continue the tradition, and with it, for the second year, I hereby publish some that didn't make the main list.

While wearing corduroys:
Teddy (4): Dese make sounds. Dey make sa-wop sa-wop sounds. And when you run with spawts pants [sports pants, i.e., sweatpants], dey make sa-weet sa-woot sounds.

Charlie (8): I wish we were nocturnal because I want to see what it’s like to move around late at night.

C: I think Dancing Queen is in my top ten songs of the ‘70s, although I probably only know about ten…or maybe two.

C: For Christmas, I want a sister.
T: I want two sisters and two brothers.
C: We should get a baby.
T: A little tiny baby.
Paige: Where should we get a baby?
Simultaneous answers:
C: (whispering) S-E-X.
T: We should buy one.


Anne H. said...

Yeah, Paige, how 'bout a tiny little baby? I don't care how you get it. They're so sweet; it would be fun!

Love the photo but I was trying to figure out where it was taken. Assumed the boys had set up their stuffed toys in the guest room before I finally realized it's the old house. How quickly we forget!

Thanks for posting these, they're the best!

Lauren Jackson said...

These are precious and wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Azure said...

So funny! I can't wait to get your card.

Paige said...

Mom, "How 'bout a tiny little baby? ... It would be fun!" That is so easy for people to say who would not be the parents of the baby. Fun, yes, but so so much more...

Anne H. said...

All right, Paige, I give up. How about a tiny little puppy?